the best shops for Chinese visitors in Rome

Ciao Cina is the first “China friendly” local attractions network in Rome.

The network, born thanks to a successful collaboration between cc and ccr, is composed of many kindof retailers and hospitality companies ( hotels, typical restaurants, entertainment…, clothing and shoe shops). Their employees attend a tailor made training and up-to-date program focused on developing tourist hospitality and cultural skills.

Every participant, after passing a test, will receive a certification confirming their hospitality skills.

Every business associated with the project will be easily identified thanks to a “Ciao Cina” label displayed in the window or the interior of the shop. In these places, Chinese tourists will find a culturally appropriate reception and the availability to grant any request. This means providing menus with Italian dishes described and written in Chinese characters and prices in double currency, Euro and Yuan, tax refund forms and accepting payments by international credit card.

This web site, continuously updated, helps Chinese visitors who want to find retailers receptive to their needs and requests. The search can be sorted by product/service category, hotels, bed and breakfasts, traditional Roman or international restaurants, shops and other type of places. Furthermore, visitors can find interesting tourist information on what to visit in the capital of Italy such as museums, ancient castles, tourist information points, etc…

Shop owners interested in participating in these ‘Ciao Cina’ courses can contact the Roman Chamber of Commerce.

How to apply to the ‘Ciao Cina’ network

To participate to the ‘Ciao Cina’ network, you need to attend a tailor made training course and complete the final test. Training tests are organized only by CCR. Retailers interested in participating and finding out about the next dates can get in touch with CCR in the following ways:


telephone:  06.68437.1

Headquarters: Via Marco e Marcelliano, 45 – 00147 Rome (Italy)