• Welcome to “Ciao Cina”

    a network of “China Friendly” hotels, restaurants and shops based in Rome. Ciao Cina is a project developed between the Roman Confcommercio and the Roman Chamber of Commerce.

  • Ciao Cina Project

    The goal of the “Ciao Cina” project is to allow Rome to become the most welcoming town for Chinese tourists in order for them to have the most unforgettable travel experience.

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Ciao Cina website

In this web site, that is going to be the main guide for Chinese tourists visiting Rome, you can find anything you need to plan your trip from China to Italy, from the most comfortable accommodations to the trendiest spots to go shopping, that are in-line with Chinese cultural standards.
This web site is available in three languages Chinese, Italian and English. On the website Chinese visitors can find typical restaurants in Rome that are equipped with Chinese menus and other dedicated services, ‘made in Italy’ shops (shoe shops, apparel shops and many other shops with Italian products) showing pricing in Euros and Yuan, and the best hotels ready to welcome Chinese customers.

Ciao Cina Network

‘China friendly’ shops are ever-increasing and ready to make tourists feel at home. As a tourist you can recognize these places from a Ciao Cina label displayed in the window or the interior of the shop.